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TEG Dehydration Compressor Course

Course Duration: 6 Hours

Detechtion offers Tri-Ethylene Glycol (TEG) Dehydration compressor courses that enable students to gain deeper insight into the Dehydration process.  The TEG Dehydration compressor course also provides attendees with the confidence to deal with and resolve common issues associated with running TEG Dehydrators.

The course covers the following

  • Properties of natural gas
  • How & why gases behave differently when compressed
  • Water content & hydrates / avoiding freeze-offs
  • Detailed hardware discussion: Absorber Tower, Re-Concentrator, Glycol Pumps, Glycol heat Exchanger, Filters & Flash Separators
  • TEG Dehydrator Design (Inlet Pressure, Temperature as well as how flow rates effects on dehydration process)
  • Component Sizing (Glycol Pump, Re-boiler, Fire Tube, Stripping Still/Gas, Flash Separator and Fuel Gas requirements)
  • Successful TEG Dehydrator operation
  • Troubleshooting the TEG Dehydration process common TEG Dehydrator Operational issues

 Target Audience:

  • The Tri-Ethylene Glycol Dehydrator training is appropriate for junior operators & experienced operators/engineers and gas industry looking to build some deeper understanding of key TEG Dehydrator fundamentals.

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