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Detechtion Technologies Announces Latest Release of Enalysis™

Detechtion Technologies, the world leader in compression optimization and fleet management, announces the release of Enalysis™ 3.13 software. The current release delivers functionality that improves system performance and scalability to receive, process, analyze and report electronic data in alignment with our core strategic objectives of improving fleet management capabilities. In addition, software performance has been improved, processing of Gas Analysis results has been upgraded, reporting capabilities are enhanced, and a set of Quad Z compliance tracking forms and reports have been released.

With the commoditization of reliable field sensors and the widespread availability of communication networks and data historians that comprise the emerging “industrial internet,” Detechtion is receiving increased volumes of electronic data, which has increased the overall workload on our processing capabilities. Recognizing that this trend will continue as the business grows, the timing was right to invest in scalability and performance of the system by offloading this data processing onto a separate processor.
Many of our customers have their service providers send Gas Analysis reports directly to Detechtion, and processing of these data intensive reports has also been off-loaded to a separate processor to further improve system performance.

For users of Enalysis™, multiple changes have been made to improve software performance and user experience. Changes include faster generation of PDF reports, improved speed and performance of the software, and improved formatting of reports exported to Excel.

Many operators struggle with managing regulatory compliance under Quad Z emissions regulations for compressors. A set of forms, reports, and alerts enables operators to track the key engine maintenance information needed to comply with these regulations, and to notify users of upcoming and overdue maintenance work.

Gerry Conroy, SVP of Product and Portfolio for Detechtion, commented “We are delighted to deliver the latest release of Enalysis, which continues to build on our industry-leading capabilities to optimize compressor performance and support best-in-class asset management for our customer’s fleets. Based on our on-going conversations with customers and prospects, we are excited to deliver improved scalability and performance to process, analyze and report larger volumes of electronic data. In addition, Quad Z compliance is a challenging problem for our customers, and the risk of missing a critical maintenance deadline can result in fines and adverse publicity. While many companies are talking about the potential of the “industrial internet” to deliver operational efficiency and best-in-class Asset Performance Management (APM), Detechtion is providing these capabilities to our customers today, delivering tens of millions of dollars in value annually through increased revenue, reduced costs, and best-in-class asset management.”

About Detechtion Technologies

Detechtion Technologies is the world leader in compressor fleet optimization for natural gas fleet operators that are committed to improving the efficiencies of their compressor fleets and the people that service them. Using Enalysis™, Detechtion customers are better able to increase revenues, decrease costs, and accomplish best in class asset management. Through its compression training segment, Detechtion has trained over 9000 operators, mechanics, foremen, superintendents, and engineers. Currently, Detechtion provides predictive analytics and optimization services for approximately 20% of active compression horsepower in North America, including client relationships with 15 of the top 25 North American independent gas producers.

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