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Field data collection & asset management made simple. 

Detechtion tailors scalable solutions to optimize your business workflows, ESG goals, and field systems performance.


Close the loop of optimization

Streamline your asset performance management program with safety, cost-efficiency, and sustainability in mind. 

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Detechtion's edge devices and smart solutions can help lower your lease operating expenses while maintaining safety and regulatory compliance.

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With over 30 years experience and a focus on the oil and gas industry, we deliver digital transformation and optimization of natural gas compression, oilfield chemicals, and other production operations.

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Our digital solutions drive transparency and efficiency resulting in immediate ROI by empowering your predictive and preventative maintenance decisions.

3. Receive a customized Digital Transformation Plan.

Your company is not alone in the journey to operate profitably in the midst of challenging oil and gas prices. Our team will configure a solution to meet YOUR needs.

Reduce the Environmental Impact of operations

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A month Increased Production


Metric Tons of CO2 eliminated every year


≅ of passenger vehicles every year


Chemical Cost Reductions


Increase In Support Staff Efficiency


Fuel/Power Savings while Maintaining Production

Transform how you control Your Chemical Injection Program with Industrial IoT

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“I don't know what we would do without Fieldlink. It allows me to run reports for Regulatory Agencies in minutes rather than days. I used to have to go to 10 different spreadsheets and now the information resides in a single source of the truth."
Emily D.
“We have partnered with Detechtion for over five years and they continue to provide superior service by identifying inefficiencies in our compression operations that lead to real gains in production and sales.”
John Lawman
Director of Pipelines & Compression — Chesapeake Appalachia, LLC
“I would like to say that you and your guys have done a fine job thus far. We are very pleased with the service have provided and even more pleased with the manner in which you provide the service. It’s nice to have a company follow through with what it says it can and cannot do and Detechtion has not let us down in that regard.”
Wayne Smith
Programmer Analyst — Gulf Coast Division, XTO Energy Inc.
“It has been working well. We have the operators taking readings every 1-2 weeks, and we have seen trends especially when it comes to high blowby. The guys have been catching this and being more proactive. Working with Detechtion we did recurve the machines, and it has made a difference.”
Kendall Zarowny
Lead Operator — Anadarko

Digitize Your Oilfield Processes

HSE, Water Hauling, & Chemical Management

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Mobile Oilfield Management on Fieldlink: Detechtion's Mobile App

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Be Proactive. Stay Ahead of Your Compressors.

Monitor, Optimize, & Control

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Start on the path to reducing your costs while improving production. 


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