Detechtion Technologies will speak at the Well Site Automation 2018

By October 26, 2018 Press Releases No Comments

HOUSTON, TX (October 26, 2018) – Detechtion Technologies, the global leading Industrial IoT and Mobility solution provider in the oil and gas industry, was asked to speak next week at the Well Site Automation 2018 and the Internet of Things event in Houston, Texas.

Eric Neason, SVP of Products & Services for Detechtion, will be presenting how Asset Performance Management (APM) enables the Oilfield to truly operate by exception. APM adoption has been accelerating in upstream Oil & Gas, helping organizations achieve higher levels of efficiency, productivity, and safety. This increased adoption is largely driven by the proliferation of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), as well as ubiquity of mobile solutions for field data capture.

IIoT is increasingly deployed in a landscape traditionally dominated by SCADA. “But IIoT is not a rival to nor replacement of SCADA,” advises Eric Neason. “Rather, we see IIoT as the next generation of SCADA. IIoT is bringing modern technologies and new standards that bring with it a lower total cost of ownership. IIoT can complement your existing SCADA, particularly for traditionally underserved sites or assets were SCADA may not have been economically feasible.”

Detechtion delivers the complete APM lifecycle through its Enbase™ edge devices and cloud-based dashboard, Enalysis™ compressor optimization software, and Fieldlink™ mobility platform. “While each product delivers a unique value proposition on its own, the real value is captured when used together to deliver a complete closed-loop APM program,” says Chris Smith, CEO of Detechtion. “Enbase™ not only automates the data collection that fuels the Enalysis™ algorithms but also allows you to push analytics to your edge devices, which is more appropriate for fast moving variables, enabling real-time adjustments to operations based on load conditions. For slower moving variables, Fieldlink™ ensures that you close the loop dispatching field workers to implement recommendations surfaced by Enalysis™.”