Thought of the Day -  How to Cut the Call Center Cord...

With the release of Enbase Dashboard Callout Alarm Acknowledgement functionality, Detechtion shifted from a one-way notification system to one that can be configured to escalate alarms through a defined hierarchy until the alarms are acknowledged or the highest escalation level has been reached.  This functionality removes the need to rely on a call center to review all alarms that come in and decide when and who the calls should be routed to and whether and when they should be escalated. 

With Enbase Dashboard, you make the following decisions up front and then the system is ready to do the work of sending call outs, tracking acknowledgements and escalating to the next level if an acknowledgement is not received within the designated time:

  • How long must a compressor run before it is considered stable?
    • Example: 15 minutes
  • How long before a call out should be escalated to the next level?
    • Example: 20 minutes
  • Who should receive call outs for a given set of units with ability to acknowledge them versus standard alarms?
    • Example: Field Tech 1, Field Tech 2, Field Tech 3, Field Tech 4
  • What is the call out order of escalation for a given set of units? Which tech(s) should get the first Call Out (L0), who should be notified in addition to that original L0 list if the call out is not acknowledged (L1), and on up the line.
    • Example: Field Tech -> Area Supervisor -> Area Manager -> Regional Manager

The image below walks through what the flow would look like for the example values above:

Call Out GIF

In addition to the benefit of removing the reliance on call centers, configuring your Enbase Dashboard to utilize the Callout Alarm Acknowledgement functionality keeps all relevant parties in the loop about who owns the issue. Team members who have previously received call out notifications receive a follow up notification when a call out has been acknowledged providing information about who acknowledged and when.  This information is also visible within the Dashboard on the left nav panel and the Offline tab making it available to other interested parties who may not have received the original call out.

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You can reach out to your Enbase Dashboard Account Manager or Enbase Support ( to start the conversation about configuring this feature for your units.