Detechtion Announces the Availability of High-Frequency Data on Edge Device

By February 23, 2018 Press Releases No Comments

HOUSTON, TX (February 23, 2018) – Detechtion Technologies, the global leading Industrial IoT and Mobility solution provider in the oil and gas industry, today announced major improvements to the data logging and analysis tools available in its industry leading Enbase™ Hub edge device.

When monitoring and controlling critical oilfield assets, such as gas compressors, the Enbase™ Hub has always supported the ability to log process data locally as well as backhaul aggregated data at regular intervals to the Enbase™ Dashboard in the cloud.

Unlike well connected environments such as refineries, chemical plants, and upstream processing facilities where data is captured in traditional DCS and SCADA systems in intervals of seconds or sub-seconds, assets in the oilfield are remote, geographically dispersed, and have narrower, less reliable bandwidth connectivity options, requiring a more efficient and sophisticated approach for data management and transmission. In many cases, oilfield asset data logged at regular intervals such as every 15 minutes or longer are sufficient for normal operations, but when things go wrong, every second matters.

“Failures in the oilfield require a density of data much closer to that captured by a DCS,” advises Eric Neason, Senior Vice President of Products & Services at Detechtion. “Users need higher resolution data just prior to these events to perform true root cause analyses.”

Simply logging data at a higher frequency generates a tremendous amount of data that may not be useful. The Enbase™ Hub now maintains a sliding window of high frequency, in-memory asset operating data based upon customer specified frequency and duration to address this challenge. Data at the end of the sliding window is discarded. Only in the event of a shutdown does the data get logged to local storage. The data remains in local storage for a customer-configurable amount of time and is available for extraction on demand over the air into the cloud.

“High frequency data logging has created the opportunity for our customers to have visibility to a much denser set of data for root cause analyses,” said Virgil Haney, Chief Technology Officer of Detechtion. “Users can view and analyze the data both locally, through the Enbase™ Hub Control Panel, and remotely through on-demand polling.”