Enalysis Tip 1.2 - Enalysis Report Notification Settings

Major performance issues and the potential for damage to your rotating equipment can escalate quickly if left unchecked. To identify issues as soon as they occur, Enalysis has the capability to send exception-based e-mails based on the performance of your assets. If you need instant notification when the performance of your assets is at risk, we recommend setting your e-mail preferences and using the instruction below as guidance.

  • Are you receiving emailed report notifications for all the compressors for which you are responsible?
  • Are you receiving reports for units that are not your responsibility?
  • Are you receiving too many emails?

Recommended E-mail Preference Settings

These settings will ensure that you receive all reports with yellow warning or red severe flags for all units allocated to your user profile at a maximum frequency of one report per unit each day. If you are responsible for the daily health of your compressors, then a maximum notification interval of 6 hours is recommended.

12 Email Notification Settings

Email Notification Settings

When logged in to Enalysis via a web browser, click on your name in the top right toolbar to bring up your user profile. Click the Email tab to bring up the options to set your email notifications accordingly to suit your role and responsibilities.

12 User Profile

Scheduled Enalysis Reports

Set this if you want to receive a batch of the latest SCADA generate e-mails at a specific time and/or day of the week. If selected, specify a time zone, frequency and corresponding day and time. Scheduling reports if often best for those with roles requiring only a high-level overview of the state of their compression fleet.

12 Email Notification Frequency

Cash Flow Risk (CFR) and Warning Reports

Set this if you want to receive reports as soon as they are generated based on the following OR condition:

If CFR Greater than:

  • None - No e-mails will be triggered on behalf of the CFR value
  • CFR > XXX - Reports exceeding the CFR value will trigger an e-mail
  • All Reports - All Enalysis Reports will trigger an e-mail for this user

OR, If Priority Status:

  • Warning Emails Off - No e-mails will be triggered on behalf of the Warning Level
  • Red Warnings - Reports with any Severe Flags will trigger an E-mail
  • All Warnings - Reports with any Severe or Warning Flags will trigger an E-mail

    12 Recommended Email Notification Settings

Manually Generated Enalysis Reports

Set this if you want users to receive all reports that are manually generated. This option is important to tick if most of your compressors generate reports automatically, but occasionally a manual report is entered in order to troubleshoot a specific issue. By setting this, you will override your email thresholds settings set above for all manually generated Enalysis reports. You will receive all manual reports when they are generated.

Field/Area Notification

By default, you will receive email notifications based on the above settings for all compressors assigned to your user profile. Set this to select the specific areas and fields you wish to receive email reports from:

12 Field Area Settings

If you have any questions about the information contained in this or any other E-Tip, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Detechtion Engineering Account Manager or email erc@detechtion.com.