Detechtion Technologies Announces Latest Release of Enalysis™

Detechtion Technologies, the world leader in compression optimization and fleet management, announces the release of Enalysis™ 3.17. This new release enhances calculations for rotary screw compressors, along with numerous other enhancements, bug fixes, and usability improvements.

Roughly 20% of units in Enalysis™ are rotary screw compressors, and our screw compressor diagnostic software offers the same predictive analytic capabilities as our best-in-class software for reciprocating compressors. Manufacturers of screw compressors continue to release new products and new technologies that impact the calculations within Enalysis™, and we monitor these evolving equipment and technology advances and adjust our calculations accordingly. In this release, we have carefully enhanced the rotary screw compressor calculations, introducing equations that enable Enalysis™ to better model units under partial load from user-configurable slide valve adjustments, and we refined efficiency calculations for over and under-compression operating conditions. All of these enhancements provide more accurate machine horsepower calculations which result in more precise configuration recommendations.
In addition to these enhancements, we also made improvements to Enalysis™ reporting, added electrical current draw to multiple reports, and enhanced our compression simulation functionality for fixed compressor unloaders. For customers who use the Enalysis™ maintenance module, we have continued to deliver workflow and usability enhancements to the system based on close collaboration with our customers.

Gerry Conroy, SVP of Product and Portfolio for Detechtion, said “We are pleased to release our improved rotary screw compressor enhancements along with other software investments to improve the usability and reporting capabilities in Enalysis™. Our customers are challenged to manage large compression fleets comprised of a mix of machines from different manufacturers and different vintages. Enalysis™ provides a single repository of hundreds of different compressors and configuration options that prioritizes opportunities across the fleet to deliver improved throughput, reduced operating costs and catastrophic failure prevention, delivering top-quartile asset performance. In a difficult commodity environment, we continue to invest in differentiating features of Enalysis™, producing a unique value proposition with substantial returns to owners and operators of natural gas compression fleets.”