Detechtion Technologies announces release of Enalysis Version 4.4

By May 12, 2020 Press Releases No Comments

HOUSTON, TX (May 14, 2020) – Detechtion Technologies, the proven Asset Performance Management, Industrial IoT, and Mobility solution provider in the Upstream Oil & Gas industry, today announced the latest release of Enalysis, Version 4.4. This new release enhances a customer’s ability to integrate with Enalysis through a new public API. A public RESTful Application Program Interface (API) is now available across the entire Detechtion product line including Enbase, Enalysis, and Fieldlink.

With the new API, companies can now create systems to retrieve, edit and insert data to and from Enalysis. Data sets such as unit setup data and Enalysis report data can be requested from the API for insertion into a data lake or for manipulation via visualization software. The API grants the opportunity to streamline processes and scale data in a way that was not previously available and has the potential to increase a customer’s ability to identify value-adding opportunities that were not previously visible.

“Enalysis V4.4 enables customers to automate manual workflows. They can use the API to extract data from Enalysis programmatically and send it to other systems for work order management, maintenance and tracking to improve their operations,” said Virgil Haney, Chief Technology Officer. “We recognize that coupled with our previously released directory server integration, customers can now further utilize the valuable data generated by Enalysis and increase integration across their data ecosystems.”