Detechtion Technologies Announces Latest Release of Enalysis™

Detechtion Technologies Announces Latest Release of EnalysisTM

Detechtion Technologies, the world leader in compression optimization and fleet management, announces the release of EnalysisTM 3.15. This release includes functionality to enable our customers to better track equipment failures and causes, along with enhancements to improve navigation of our web-based software.

In the challenging current environment of low oil and gas prices, our customers and prospects are more focused than ever on assuring compression equipment runtime, availability and reliability. Tracking these equipment metrics requires capturing scheduled and unscheduled downtime. As the one-stop shop for compression management, EnalysisTM now automatically calculates equipment downtime, and enables operators to classify that downtime into scheduled and unscheduled categories along with capturing the associated downtime reasons. A complementary set of reports aids operators in tracking runtime, availability and reliability at the fleet, area, field and machine level, along with a corresponding summary of total downtime hours by reason across the fleet.

This version of Enalysis also introduces user favorites, which streamlines navigation to key activities and equipment within the software.

Gerry Conroy, SVP of Product and Portfolio for Detechtion, said “We are delighted to deliver this new release of EnalysisTM to the market. In the current challenging low commodity price environment, our customers are focused on measuring and maximizing the amount of oil and gas that gets sold to the market. Supporting further insight into equipment downtime is an obvious complement to our to our industry leading Asset Performance Management (APM) capabilities. These enhancements will dramatically improve our customer’s ability to track, measure, and ultimately improve the most critical measures of reliably getting production to the market. At the same time, our continued investment into software usability and minimizing the number of clicks is an investment in time-savings for our end users. Through challenging industry times Detechtion continues to strongly invest in our software solution to enable our customers to achieve best-in-class asset performance.”

About Detechtion Technologies

Detechtion Technologies is the world leader in compressor fleet optimization for natural gas fleet operators that are committed to improving the efficiencies of their compressor fleets and the people that service them. Using Enalysis™, Detechtion’s customers are better able to increase revenues, decrease costs, and accomplish best in class asset management. Through its compression training segment, Detechtion has trained over 9000 operators, mechanics, foremen, superintendents, and engineers. Currently, Detechtion provides predictive analytics and optimization services for approximately 20% of active compression horsepower in North America, including client relationships with 15 of the top 25 North American independent gas producers.