Detechtion Technologies Enhances Support for Compliance with Canadian Environmental Regulations

By September 26, 2019 Press Releases No Comments

Calgary, AB (September 27, 2019) – Detechtion Technologies, the global leading Industrial IoT and Mobility solution provider in the oil and gas industry, is announcing the launch of an Enalysis® MSAPR module that will be made available with the next release of Enalysis®, Version 4.3. The new release contains enhancements for managing company compliance with Environment and Climate Change Canada’s (ECCC) Multi-Sector Air Pollutants Regulation (MSAPR) for stationary spark-ignition (reciprocating) engines.

The new Enalysis MSAPR Module supports the Data Management for modern and pre-existing engines under Part 2 of Canada’s Multi-Sector Air Pollutants Regulations (MSAPR) and satisfies the needs of the various roles impacted by the regulations. A rotating equipment manager can manage the engine registry and each engine’s corresponding Schedule 9 and 10 details efficiently from within Enalysis for ongoing maintenance and updating with Environment Canada’s online reporting tool, reducing the risk that updates not will not be updated to the registry. A maintenance foreman can efficiently manage the scheduling and completion of emissions tests, ensuring that the company is performing tests as per the designated frequency. A maintenance technician can efficiently input and store the results of emission checks and performance tests, guaranteeing those records will not be lost for either auditing or reporting requirements. An environmental manager can generate annual compliance reports for the Flat Limit or Yearly Average intensities to verify compliance status and for submission to the registry, allowing for routine compliance updates and cost-effective reporting. And operators can either manually capture an asset’s run hours and corresponding downtime events directly in Enalysis or leverage the Enbase® IIoT platform to automate the capture of downtime events and runtime for a cost effective and accurate solution.

“We recognize the significant impact that the new regulations have on Canadian Oil and Gas Producers in terms of cost and complexity,“  said Chris Smith, President & CEO of Detechtion. “We have also seen that the impact of employing one compliance strategy versus another for the same fleet can result in millions of dollars of cost savings. With the launch of the Enalysis® MSAPR Module, we are excited to provide our customers the ability to determine the most cost-effective compliance strategy and the tools to manage ongoing compliance.”