Detechtion Technologies to Conduct Compressor Optimization Course at Gas/Electric Partnership Conference

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January 17, 2013
Calgary, Alberta and Houston, Texas

Detechtion Technologies, leaders in compression optimization and management, will be conducting a natural gas compressor tutorial at the Gas/Electric Partnership’s Conference XXI in Houston, Texas, on February 5, 2013.

Robert Jarrett, Detechtion’s U.S. Technical Training and Safety Manager, will present a short course on Natural Gas Rotary Screw Compressor Optimization starting at 8:00 AM on Tuesday, February 5. The course will explore the concept of optimization and how it applies to rotary screw compressors, as well as their tandem operation with reciprocating compressors.

“This short course will provide a review of compression theory, as well as the use of specific real-world case studies, to give attendees practical and valuable knowledge of compressor optimization, and how optimization can have a significantly positive effect on every aspect of compressor fleet operation and maintenance,” said Jeffrey Essel-Ampah, Detechtion’s Vice President, Engineering and Development.

Detechtion Technologies is the developer of Enalysis™, the world’s leading compressor optimization and fleet management program. Detechtion also offers its world-class compressor school courses across North America. For more information on Detechtion, please call 1.800.780.9798, or visit their website at