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Enalysis Version 5.0 - Delivering Value Through Remarkable Usability

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Detechtion Technologies, the proven Asset Performance Management, Industrial IoT, and Mobile Field Services Management solution provider in the Upstream Oil & Gas industry, will be launching of the next generation of Enalysis, Version 5.0 on July 22, 2020. Enalysis Version 5.0 offers a new and greatly improved user experience allowing customers to better identify, investigate and act on valuable opportunities for improving their assets’ and fleets’ performance. In addition to improving the overall user experience, Enalysis Version 5.0 is built on an entirely new platform dramatically improving the software’s scalability, ability to deliver new features in a rapidly evolving market, and capability for users to work seamlessly on their mobile devices.

This post is the first of four in a series aimed to showcase how Enalysis Version 5.0 will improve how you can deliver value to your company. The focus for this post is to provide background on Enalysis V5.0 and showcase key usability enhancements.


Enalysis Version 5.0 is the first of many development phases for the new platform and is delivering functionality to customers based on a foundation of analysis and interpretation. Users who will benefit most from the first phase are office-based personas including foremen, engineers, rotating equipment managers, and executives, whose focus is identifying opportunities, investigating further, and taking the correction action.

The new platform is the culmination of close collaboration with customers, augmented with usage analytics, focused on making the greatest impact in their most common use cases. Significant improvements include:

  • Completely re-designed user experience which improves usability and navigation,
  • Enhanced compressor summary pages with visual queues, such as spark lines, leading to better and faster analysis of compressor performance,
  • Re-envisioned search feature to quickly locate and move between units, enabling easier management of large compressor fleets,
  • Improved mobile responsiveness to support increased customer use in the field
  • Plus, numerous improvements to trending and key workflows

Version 5.0 brings predictive maintenance opportunities to the forefront, allowing maintenance teams to identify issues earlier, it highlights fuel and electrical saving opportunities, and uncovers opportunities to increase overall throughput and revenue. Early testing by Enalysis customers has been overwhelmingly positive, confirming the huge leap forward in usability and value.

Usability Highlights

Asset Search

Simply identifying an asset in a software system can prove to be time consuming, cumbersome and prevents users from achieving the activities they meant to perform. The new asset search built into Enalysis V5.0 allows users to instantly search for your assets by utilizing a text search, or grouping your assets together by status, or type, vastly improving the ability to spend time on value adding activities. Whether customers are utilizing the application on desktop or mobile, the experience is seamless. 

Desktop Optimized - Asset Search      Asset Search - Mobile

Fleet Highlights

Identifying opportunities and issues is the first crucial step as part of ongoing compressor and fleet optimization. The fleet summary conveniently identifies opportunities across customers compressors fleets and gives our customers the ability to drill down to identify the assets that present these opportunities. 

Desktop Optimized - Fleet Summary and Highlights-1    Fleet Summary and Highlights - Mobile

Unit View

Once an opportunity is identified, it needs to be investigated and evaluated further to determine if and what actions are warranted. The unit view provides a convenient interface to assess the history of a units performance, simulate different configuration options, contact a Detechtion Engineering Account Manager, or log an action in the asset log. 

Desktop Optimized - Unit View  Unit View - Mobile

If you are interested to learn more and how you can benefit from the latest version of Enalysis, contact a member of our team. 

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