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Enalysis Tip 1.1 - What is Enalysis?

Enalysis Tip 1.1 - What is Enalysis?

Enalysis is a web-based predictive SaaS (Software as a Service) program combining geometric software models of compressors and thermodynamic principles to analyze operating data and accurately calculate all relevant compression KPIs for reciprocating and screw compressors. Highly developed proprietary algorithms are used to determine the exact operating status of a compressor and each individual cylinder from both a production and maintenance viewpoint.

Enalysis is a tool to be used as part of a regular work routine to optimize fleet run conditions, plan and assure that maintenance is completed on schedule, and receive early notification of key performance indicators like Blowby, rod load, valve damage, and risk of catastrophic failure.

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Enalysis aims to assist compressor operations in the following ways:

  • Enalysis reports serve as a performance and health summary with warning and severe alerts on input and calculated process variables
  • Performance loading curves indicate how effectively their compressors are using horsepower, assuring optimal machine configuration, and optimal movement of machines from inventory for new applications
  • Alerts inform concerned parties about units that are at risk of failure and require immediate maintenance
  • Simulator capabilities improve operational and logistical decision-making
  • Fuel gas reports allow managers to keep track of the costs of operation
  • Emission reports help ensure operations are abiding by environmental and safety standards

How Enalysis works

Each compressor enrolled in Enalysis is audited by one of Detechtion’s engineers. The information collected is used to create for a software model specific to each compressor. Using this software model, monitored compressor operating data (pressures, temperatures, speed, etc.) is then fed into the algorithms to generate an Enalysis report.

The combination of the input and calculated variables contained in an Enalysis report quantify the health and performance of the compressor at a specific instance in time. The absolute value of each variable and how they change over time provide justification for configuration changes and the timing maintenance on wearing components.

In addition to the monitored compressor process variables, the following calculated process variables are outputs of the Enalysis software:


    • Power for Compression Used
    • Total Power Used
    • Driver Power Utilization
    • Compressor Capacity Utilization
    • Incremental Production Possible

Per Cylinder


      • Blowby Efficiency
      • Expected Discharge Temperature
      • Temperature Rise
      • Compression Ratio
      • Volumetric Efficiency: Head-End and Crank-End
      • Gas Rod Load: Compression, Tension and Total
      • Net Rod Load: Compression and Tension
      • Cylinder Power
      • Cylinder Flow
      • Degrees of Reversal
      • Net Rod Load Ratio

Rotary Screw


      • Compression Ratio
      • Optimum Vi Setting
      • Slide Valve adj Capacity
      • Volumetric Efficiency
      • Over-/Under-Compression
      • Compressor Flow
      • Oil Flow

The importance of many of these variables and their role in compressor monitoring will be discussed in future E-Tips.

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