Compressor Curves

Detechtion Technologies® has the ability to build Optimized Loading Curves for all of your reciprocating and screw compressors. Upon your request to one of our engineers, we will use our proprietary design software to accurately build a single page graphical loading curve based on all of the hardware data and gas analysis data that we have collected off each of your individual machines.

This ensures the utmost accuracy of the loading curves. Typically you can expect to have the loading curve returned to you within a couple of hours of Detechtion® receiving the request.

Ensure Maximum throughput with Detechtion Curves

The curves that are produced will clearly illustrate the precise loading configuration for your compressors in order to ensure maximum throughput through your assets as conditions in the field continuously change. Many of our clients have Detechtion® loading curves laminated and then tape them directly onto the compressor panel for ease of reference by the operators.

All loading curves are uploaded and saved in the Detechtion® database system for the life of the machine, thus allowing you to build a comprehensive library for all your machines.

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