Monitor Remote Assets with the Enbase Asset Monitor

Detechtion Technologies launched the Enbase Asset Monitor in October, 2019, designed for remotely monitoring the run status and location of oilfield assets. The Asset Monitor is the newest member of the The Enbase product line and is geared towards lower horsepower rotating equipment including natural gas compressors, pump jacks, pumps, gensets, and other oilfield assets that move around frequently, such as chemical tanks and totes.

Since its launch, all the deployed devices have been closely monitored to ensure that they are transmitting the run status correctly for the assets they are monitoring regardless of the conditions. A particular group of devices installed on pump jacks situated northwest of Grande Prairie highlighted the resilience and reliability of the devices despite the extreme (and expected) weather conditions in Northern Canada by continuing to communicate even with low temperatures (-30°C/-22°F) and snow cover. On the opposite end of the weather spectrum, devices installed in South Texas installed on low HP compression assets reported continuously and accurately. This display of reliability gives us the confidence and backing that these devices will function across an array of asset types and climates around the globe.  

Enbase Asset Monitor and Low HP Compressor

So how does it work?

The Enbase Asset Monitor determines an asset’s run status using a built-in accelerometer to detect vibration. It also tracks GPS coordinates and pairs that with vibration status to determine that the asset is in motion and to send proactive location updates. All of this is available in a rugged, weatherproof, hazardous location-certified device that runs on solar-powered batteries with a 10-year battery life and is installed in minutes.  

The Enbase Asset Monitor sends messages via satellite network, which has coverage throughout the oilfield. The Enbase  Asset Monitor reports back to the Enbase Dashboard, where users will be able to take advantage of the robust callout and acknowledgement functionality, alongside comprehensive availability reporting. 

If you want to learn more, download a technical data sheet here, Enbase Asset Monitor, or contact a member of our team directly: Contact Us