Detechtion Technologies Announces the Availability of Callout Acknowledgement and Escalation in the Latest Release of its Industrial IoT Platform

By December 12, 2018 Press Releases No Comments

HOUSTON, TX (December 12, 2018) – Detechtion Technologies, the global leading Industrial IoT and Mobility solution provider in the oil and gas industry, today announced that its Enbase™ Dashboard software now offers callout acknowledgement and escalation to more efficiently support the handling of downtime events.

“Detechtion’s new callout acknowledgement and escalation feature allows us to make sure downtime events are receiving immediate attention in an efficient, consistent, low-cost way across our fleet. In helping us improve our assets’ availability, it is helping us accomplish our mission of providing customers the safest, most efficient and reliable gas compression services in the energy industry,” said Chad Lenamon, President and CEO of Pegasus Optimization Managers LLC.

Enbase Dashboard’s callout acknowledgement capability enables a compressor technician to acknowledge that they are taking responsibility for a callout notification from the field. This ownership is then communicated to their fellow technicians and made visible within the Enbase Dashboard.

If a technician is unable to acknowledge a callout notification, Enbase Dashboard will escalate the callout to the next level supervisor and continue escalation on a defined interval until someone acknowledges ownership of the event. An area supervisor can then subscribe only to these escalated notifications, reducing noise and putting focus on unaddressed needs. Visibility to which technicians are already working on what assets on the Enbase Dashboard provides insight into who is available to address the unacknowledged callout, enabling more targeted communications and an increase in critical availability percentage points.

Because Enbase offers configuration of assigned technicians as well as escalation paths for assets and asset groups, there are none of the delays associated with a callout service manually determining who to call for a given issue. The callouts automatically go to the appropriate users as they occur.

Detechtion Chief Executive Officer Chris Smith says, “With the addition of callout acknowledgement and escalation, Enbase Dashboard has transformed from a one-way notification system to a bi-directional business process enabling more accountability and transparency resulting in issues being addressed more efficiently.”