Detechtion Technologies Launches New “Simulation” Feature

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Detechtion Technologies Launches New “Simulation” Feature
HOUSTON & CALGARY (June 20, 2013) – Detechtion Technologies (Detechtion) announced the newest development in the company’s online diagnostic Enalysis™ tool for compressor fleet management, a simulation feature that allows users to run an unlimited number of what-if scenarios on compressor fleets, increasing reliability and efficiency.

“We developed this simulator as a part of our ongoing commitment to provide clients with the best and latest technology, so that they can always take a proactive approach to optimizing their compressor fleets,” said Brian Taylor, Detechtion’s President and CEO. “This one-of-a-kind simulator, which works with any make, model or vintage of reciprocating or screw compressors, provides our Enalysis™ clients a comprehensive suite of analytical capabilities.”

Leveraging engineering calculations and detailed hardware audits, the simulation feature takes the difficulty out of predicting future compressor performance potential by relying on actual data from fleets to provide specific and accurate compressor calculation models that take into account real-world losses and inefficiencies. As a result, the simulation can:

Get instant answers to how compressors will respond to changing conditions 24/7
Realize significant savings in time and complexity by eliminating reliance on generic programs currently used
Receive clear warnings if predicated or proposed operating conditions approach or exceed the safe operating range of the compressor or associated equipment
Act with increased speed and confidence in developing an operating roadmap to safely maximize production and reduce fuel gas consumption
Take full advantage of having entire fleet of assets online by helping companies model and redeploy idle or underutilized assets to new areas or projects with confidence that production targets can be met
Immediately model dynamic conditions to ensure maximum uptime and reduce the likelihood of an unplanned shutdown
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