Detechtion Delivers First Commercially Available Dual Communications Telemetry Device

By September 20, 2017 Press Releases No Comments

HOUSTON, TX (September 20, 2017)– Detechtion Technologies, the world leader in compression fleet optimization, today announced that it has delivered its first Enbase™ Hub with both satellite and cellular communications.

Designed specifically for oil and gas, the Enbase™ Hub defines the new paradigm for compression monitoring, protection, control, and optimization. The Enbase™ Hub mounts inside an existing compressor control panel and connects instantly to controllers, annunciators, pyrometers and sensors to provide all the information from these devices remotely through the Enbase™ Dashboard.

“Detechtion has taken advantage of the ubiquity and relative affordability of cellular networks in North America for connectivity to our edge devices.” said Virgil Haney, Chief Technology Officer of Detechtion. “This has created the opportunity for our customers to have visibility to a much denser set of data for decision making. There are, however, still areas where cell coverage is not adequate to ensure essential callouts are received immediately when an incident occurs.”

The new dual communications Enbase™ Hub utilizes satellite communications for callouts like compressor shutdowns or other events that need immediate attention, while still using the cellular network to backhaul data to the Enbase™ Dashboard that is stored on local memory when cellular connections are available.

“Our mission is to create value by bringing connectivity and automation to remote and hostile environments”, said Haney, “and while we are still able to deliver that density of data at a price point that is not cost prohibitive utilizing the cellular network, essential callouts are not missed by relying on our satellite communications.”