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Thought of the Day -  How to Cut the Call Center Cord...

May 31, 2019
With the release of Enbase Dashboard Callout Alarm Acknowledgement functionality, Detechtion shifted from a one-way notification system to one that can be configured to escalate alarms through a defined hierarchy until the alarms are acknowledged or the highest escalation level has been reached.  This functionality removes the need to rely on a call center to review all alarms that come in and decide when and who the calls should be routed to and whether and when they should be escalated. 
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Compressor Optimization - It starts with Data!

May 14, 2019
Enalysis™ is a powerful and unique, web-enabled software tool for compressor fleet management and optimization. But to capture the maximum benefit, we need to feed the right set of operating parameters to Enalysis™ so that we can understand exactly how efficiently your equipment is operating. We'll highlight below the 4 most popular ways our customers collect the data required to generate an Enalysis™ report, and cover the minimum set of information that should be collected for both reciprocating and screw compressors.
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How Does Gas Composition Affect Compressor Performance

April 4, 2019
By now you probably know a thing or two about compression, and how factors such as compression ratio and volumetric efficiencies can affect your compressor performance. Another factor that is less talked about but equally important is the composition and molecular weight of the gas being compressed.
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Thought of the Day - Fieldlink™ + Enbase™: Automating Field Workflows

February 26, 2019
  Thought of the Day Fieldlink™ + Enbase™: Automating Field Workflows Fieldlink  and  Enbase  can be used together in  a number of  ways to automate activities that would otherwise need to be done manually.  Installing an  Enbase  hydrostatic pressure transducer connected to an Enbase Hub on a lube oil tank could eliminate the manual process of  a driver perform ing  a manual inventory check each week on the tank to determine when to refill. Instead, the tank’s level  would be monitored automatically and when  the device reports a low tank level,  Enbase  could trigger the creation of a work order in  Fieldlink .  T h is integration would allow the  driver  to visit the site  when a refill work order appears in Fieldlink for the current day versus making unnecessary trips.     
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How Does Opening 1st Stage Pockets Allow Me To Move More Gas?

January 30, 2019
Have you ever sat in a compressor review meeting where I’ve explained to the group that opening pockets reduces the appetite of a compressor cylinder, and then 10 minutes later, I’m telling you that opening your pockets will get your more production? If the answer is yes, I swear, I’m not an idiot and hopefully I can walk everyone through why it is possible to open up pockets and achieve a higher flow rate. One specific situation that I’ll focus in on is when you bring on a new well, and your suction control valve has to pinch back, limiting the amount of gas getting to your 1st stage.
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How Problems with Higher Stages of Compression can affect your Overall Production Throughput

January 10, 2019
It is obvious that an inefficiency of your first stage of compression can greatly hinder your production, but have you ever wondered how problems with your later stages of compression can negatively affect your overall throughput?
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Thought of the Day: Aligning Business Objectives When Natural Gas Producers Lease Compression Assets

July 18, 2018
Thought of the Day Aligning Business Objectives When Natural Gas Producers Lease Compression Assets The line between operational and maintenance responsibility is often blurred when managing a fleet of compression assets. Additional complexity is introduced when some of the assets are owned and some are leased. In this quarter’s blog, we will look at the different philosophies and metrics for operating and maintaining a fleet of leased compression assets.
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Representative Win: Increased Throughput – Maximizing Power Usage

June 13, 2018
Representative Win Increased Throughput – Maximizing Power Usage Proposed Optimize the client’s compressor station to maximize production and increase overall utilization. Background A compressor station composed of two identical reciprocating compressors was commissioned in a high activity field aimed to accommodate high flow rates and variable conditions. Cylinder actions were setup as single-acting to accommodate the variable conditions resulting in high uptime, and swinging gas flow rates. The subsequent year, activity in the field slowed and the rates/pressures steadied. With the steadied pressures and slowly declining gas rates, the two compressors became ideal candidates for optimization as identified through Enalysis™’ Cash Flow at Risk and Incremental Production calculations. In an on-going effort to improve on and meet production targets, the gas producer opted to pursue the potential for increased production through compressor optimization.
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Tech Tip: The Optimization Life-Cycle

June 13, 2018
Tech Tip The Optimization Life-Cycle Compressor optimization is an ongoing process aiming to maximize production revenues while minimizing operating costs, all the while holding safety paramount. The engineering approach and delivery to achieve compressor optimization will vary on a case-by-case basis, while the workflow process often remains the same:
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Tech Tip - Over/Under Compression in a Rotary Screw Compressor

May 16, 2018
Tech Tip Over/Under Compression in a Rotary Screw Compressor Screw compressors are a crucial part to the natural gas industry, and typically operate under wide variants of operating conditions in both gathering and process applications. Whether the compressor is experiencing pressure and volume fluctuations, temperature swings or changing gas composition, the screw compressor is a reliable piece of equipment that powers through operational swings without issue. However, this doesn’t mean that the compressor is operating as efficiently as it could be!
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