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Production Chemicals Management

Transform & Manage 

Your Chemicals Program


Increase Profitability. Reduce Lease Operating Expenses

Chemicals have become one of the top three operating costs to a production site.

Often treated with a set-and-forget approach, injection installations can lose effectiveness and waste valuable additives inventory. Detechtion products help to optimize their performance and contain costs.


Download our latest benefits guide, Effective Chemical Management in the Oilfield.


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relevant information in real-time

Enbase Industrial IoT offers different solutions to help you monitor and control your continuous or batch chemical injections.

Monitor chemical tanks and actual dosage rates with Enbase Tank Level Sensor (TLS), or take control by remotely adjusting the dosage rates as production conditions change with the enhanced Chemical Automation System (CAS). Both systems are compatible with the Enbase Dashboard and Fieldlink mobile app.






find what you need at a glance, from anywhere

Never lose sight of your asset performance and keep job activities organized using Fieldlink, Detechtion’s Mobile Oilfield Management platform.

This mobile app provides user-friendly, digital forms for the chemical field workers to quickly and accurately document their job duties, whether it’s a tank fill for a continuous chemical injection or capturing a truck treatment for a batch campaign.



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