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with Real-time Data

Predict the Fleet's Potential


Embedded inside Enalysis®, the simulation feature delivers immediate insight into your fleet's function, online, 24 hours a day, to any member of your staff. Any type of reciprocating or screw compressor can be modeled with our digital twin technology.

In conjunction with the Enalysis® report diagnostics, the new simulation feature allows for quick and easy comparisons between how the unit is actually operating and how it could be operating. You have the ability to switch between simulation and diagnostic feedback all within the Enalysis® environment. No other single tool offers this comprehensive suite of analytic capabilities.

Desktop Optimized - Unit View


Get Answers Before Making Changes to the Fleet

Manage Risk

Receive clear warnings if predicted or proposed operating conditions are not safe or stable.

Decide with Confidence

Act with increased speed and confidence in developing an operations roadmap to safely optimize production


Get instant answers to how your compressors will respond to changing conditions based on real-time data trends

Reduce Energy Use

Find the best operating practices to reduce fuel gas consumption and operating costs.

It doesn't have to end here.

Learn more about Enalysis and how it can help you shape a better future for your compression systems.

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