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Chemical Automation

Track & Control

Tank Inventory & Dosage

The Chemical Automation System (CAS) solution is powered primarily by Enbase® to remotely monitor and control oil and gas production chemical systems.

Certified for hazardous locations, this solution integrates a rugged and powerful system with the Dashboard web application.  Keep track of production tank levels and inventory, while maintaining full control to adjust pump duty cycles and injection rates where needed.

When combined with Fieldlink®, Detechtion's mobile app, users gain access to a comprehensive interface connected to their business cloud for paperless dispatch & ticketing. 


Get Connected


Enbase Panel - Edited


manage offsite chemical production assets


One unit monitoring and controlling up to 4 chemical tanks in the field. Take control of your production and reduce risk by managing your chem systems from afar.



Does not require drilling holes in your tank and mounts easily on existing chemical tanks, unaffected by vapor or foaming


Works on all sizes, shapes, and types of chemical tanks


Detects and measures dosage rates, tank fills , leaks, air locks, and more


Highly rugged device designed for field production equipment


Power of CAS

Detechtion’s components and software work in tandem to give the visibility and control you need to confidently automate your chemical management system.


Chemical Injection Control

Enbase CAS empowers you to remotely monitor and control up to 4 injection pumps in the field.


Immediately Adjust Pump Duty Cycle

Adjust your optimal pump duty cycle using the Dashboard’s trending tank level data and edge analytics.


Track Dosage Performance

Track performance against volumetric and PPM target dosage rates based on actual production volumes.


Develop Control Logic

Our system is compatible with Lua, an open source scripting language, allowing you to create additional local pump control logic and edge analytics as needed.