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Remote Monitoring and Real-Time Data Collection from Anywhere

Specifically created to optimize and monitor compression and chemical dosing, the Enbase suite is most used by the upstream oil and gas industry.

Detechtion’s Enbase® Edge devices sync to a secure, cloud-based dashboard designed to monitor operating conditions and automation opportunities of hard-to-reach production units.


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Benefits Of the 

Enbase® Suite


Edge IIoT technology connected to powerful web-enabled tools to control your compression and chemical systems.


Know immediately which systems need attention now, or will soon.


Monitoring subscription includes technical support, troubleshooting, and data analysis.


Hardware and web application support compression and chemical dosing systems, alike.


Dependability and safety are the name of the game. Access can be as broad or as limited as you need.

Easy to Use

With intuitive design and versatile API integrations, Enalysis lets you view the most important data, even from other systems.

Optimization & Monitoring


Stranded Assets

The Enbase edge devices collect status and performance data in real-time and transmits the information to the secure, cloud-based Dashboard. Authorized users can access their data from any smart device with ease.

Enbase Dashboard

by Exception

Immediately flags systems in need of attention and provides heavier monitoring for struggling assets to prevent problems from escalating further.

Data Analysis via Enbase® Availability Report

Operational Gaps

Get seamless and real-time data from the field to guide optimization, dosing, and flow assurance while bridging communication gaps between engineers and managers.


Ready to do this?

With the Enbase® suite, you can get the data you need to make cost-saving decisions.

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