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Tank Level Sensor


Status & Dosage Data

The Enbase® Tank Level Sensor (TLS) was developed to empower operators and chemical vendors to remotely monitor oil and gas production chemical systems. Its hydrostatic pressure transducer mounts and connects easily to existing chemical tanks and communicates wirelessly from the field to the Enbase Dashboard web application.

The sensor unit collects and exports data wirelessly to your secure web-enabled Dashboard so you can instantly access your readings and measurements from anywhere, reducing risk & operational costs.


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a more powerful way to

collect data and make decisions


Highly rugged device powered by 5-year replaceable battery. Designed for field tank, unaffected by vapors or foaming.


Works on all sizes, shapes, and types of chemical tanks


Detects and measures dosage rates, tank fills, leaks, air locks, and more

Fully Wireless

Communicates tank data wirelessly via satellite to the Dashboard.

Strong Alone, Powerful Together

Learn how using the Enbase suite with Enalysis and Fieldlink optimizes your compressor fleet and chemicals management program.

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