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Paperless Fleet Management



your production fleet

Enalysis® is the preferred predictive SaaS system to optimize a compressor fleet devoted to moving natural gas.

The paperless fleet management solution focuses on improving the overall efficiency of compression fleets and the people that service them.

Detechtion's Engineer Account Managers can help provide guidance and pinpoint opportunities for improvement using actionable information from Enalysis. Some customers built work processes based on these recommendations that have yielded increases of up to 25% in their operations staff productivity, and up to 6% increases of throughput where more gas production was available.

Field Visit - EAM and Truck



Improve Productivity 

without risking production or revenue of your fleet


Our proprietary CFR (Cash Flow at Risk) and Blowby KPIs tell you where the biggest problems or opportunities exist.


Work with a dedicated Detechtion engineer to help you spot opportunities to optimize your compressor fleet.


Dependability and safety are the name of the game. Access can be as broad or as limited as needed for your team.


User-designed printable charts for compressor review meetings


Created to track, report, and evaluate a wide range of trend data from full fleet health to individual unit performance


Configurable spreadsheets provide set-up data, KPIs, performance flags, and more.


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