Customers Testimonials

Dont take our word for it, hear what our customers have to say about our service and software:

“The service that you guys provide is absolute wizardry. You are so on top of your game it is mind-blowing”

Senior Facility Staff – Ketch Resources

“8 of the top 10 North American independent gas producers are Detechtion clients.”

Oil and Gas Journal — 9/13/04

“Enalysis™ is one of the primary elements of our compressor reliability program.”

Neal McGarry, Maintenance Lead — Spectra Energy.

“Thanks for being there… you can’t imagine how much peace of mind you give me with your services”

Jack Guidry, Machinery Consultant — Petra Consultants Inc.

“Outstanding. Definitely adding value.”

Brad Macson, Engineering & Construction — Paramount Resources

“We saw the return immediately. With this program, I am confident my operations are running smoothly, and I’m seeing that value hit the bottom line. It’s the first report that I go through.”

Tim Mckay, Chief Operating Officer – Canadian Natural Resources

“I would definitely recommend using this program and endorse it to anybody interested for the cost savings alone on predictive maintenance. The increase in production is a definite plus.”

Wally Hasselman, Senior Maintenance Coordinator — Petro-Canada Oil and Gas

With Detechtion’s help, we have ended up reducing the horsepower consumption from roughly 10,000 horsepower down to about 5,500 horsepower, so a reduction of 4,500 horsepower, and we are still moving the same volume of gas. So you think about the impact of that on your operating costs, and it’s huge!

Keith MacPhail, Chairman – CEO — Bonavista Energy Trust

“With this program you can be assured, you can be guaranteed, that your compressors are running efficiently and are optimized. This tool will pick up a problem with your compressor before someone with 20 years of operations experience will pick it up.”

Casey McWhan, Senior Vice President — Prosafe Production

“It has been working well. We have the operators taking readings every 1-2 weeks, and we have seen trends especially when it comes to high blowby. The guys have been catching this and being more proactive. Working with Detechtion we did recurve the machines, and it has made a difference.”

Kendall Zarowny, Lead Operator — Anadarko

“Detechtion’s service has added value to our Caribou operating area in three ways: We have used the Detechtion reports to identify a rise in blowby through a compressor’s valves. Recently valve cap temps on one of our units were in the acceptable range but the Detechtion report showed a rise in blowby. When the unit was taken down for service the valves were checked and one of them was found to have a cracked plate. We have also used the Detechtion reports as a “second opinion” before taking a unit down to check valves. One of our 20 million cubic feet per day units has valves showing 14 degrees hotter than the rest because the middle cylinder is acting as a heat sink due to the cylinders on either side of it. Normally we would take such a unit down to check the valves but the Detechtion reports show no rise in blow by so this has saved us taking a needless outage. Finally, Detechtion offers two very good courses. These are their screw compressor course and their reciprocating compressor course. To sum it up, Detechtion’s program works.”

Frank Lee, Lead Operator — Encana

“Working with Detechtion, we have taken our compressor management program to a whole new level. At any given time we know exactly how our compressors are performing and whether there are any mechanical or loading issues that we need to be aware of. This has helped us to stay one step ahead of problems before they cost us downtime or lost production. The production gains we have realized using this program have been quite impressive.”

Charles Odrechowski, Director of Compression — Equitable Production Company

“We have partnered with Detechtion for over five years and they continue to provide superior service by identifying inefficiencies in our compression operations that lead to real gains in production and sales.”

John Lawman, Director of Pipelines & Compression — Chesapeake Appalachia, LLC

“Detechtion has provided the best response time to queries of any service provider I have had experience with in the oil industry. Timely, accurate, and expert advice is provided consistently.”

Paul Wiseman, Production Manager — West Africa, CNR International

“I was skeptical when we first started with Detechtion. But if all my vendors were as anxious to help us and provided us as good a service as you do, I’d have no problems to deal with in my job!”

Tom Stovall, Production Superintendent — MidCon Compression (Chesapeake Energy)

“It is refreshing to see a company that is so innovative. For as short a period of time I have been working with Detechtion, you continue to demonstrate why you are successful. Your people, quality product and office exemplify Detechtion’s commitment to the industry and your customer. All questions are answered without hesitation and backed up with knowledge, confidence and professionalism, every time! My colleagues express the same. Great Job!”

Bryan Fontaine, Rotating Equipment Specialist — Major Integrated Energy Company

“I would like to say that you and your guys have done a fine job thus far. We are very pleased with the service have provided and even more pleased with the manner in which you provide the service. It’s nice to have a company follow through with what it says it can and cannot do and Detechtion has not let us down in that regard.”

Wayne Smith, Programmer Analyst — Gulf Coast Division, XTO Energy Inc.

“If you’re not using this inexpensive tool you’re shortchanging yourself.”

Jack Guidry, Machinery Consultant — Petra Consultants Inc.

“I can’t thank [our Engineering Account Manager] enough for his time that he has put forth this weekend [and for taking] the time to punch numbers and go over the multiple scenarios that we went through during our scheduled PM’s. Jean has made himself available to us 7 days a week and has never turned me away. I can’t thank him enough for his efforts, I can really see how accurate his reports are at spotting trouble as I go into our machines and find and correct the problems he has alerted us to.”

Maurice Sicard, Lead Mechanic — Stone Energy

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