Production and Facility Engineers are responsible for assuring that the maximum possible produced gas volumes get to market, and as a part of this they are critically focused on making sure their compression fleet achieves the highest possible level of performance.

To achieve this goal, they focus on de-bottle-necking throughput, adding and moving compressors as needed to align with new drilling opportunities and depletion trends, and they assure that compressors are operating as close to the theoretical maximum throughput, horsepower, and cylinder capacity as possible. Engineers typically work closely with Detechtion’s engineering experts to discuss individual wins, projects, and opportunities.

Enalysis® helps Engineers in the following ways:

  • Performance loading curves allow engineers to observe how effectively their compressors are using horsepower, assuring optimal machine configuration, and optimal movement of machines from inventory for new applications.
  • Fuel gas reports allow engineers to manage maintenance costs by reducing Operating Expenses in a given operating area.
  • Emission reports allow engineers to ensure they are abiding by environmental standards.
  • Engineers can maximize fleet-wide potential and ensure minimal downtime with access to a number of fleet wide reports.
  • The maintenance module provides visibility into maintenance performance, availability and reliability of the fleet, and can assure that maintenance activities align with Quad Z and Quad J compliance regulations.

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