Maintain MSAPR Compliance with Enalysis®

Canadian Oil and Gas Producers are required to comply with new and evolving regulations and Part 2 of Canada’s Multi-Sector Air Pollutants Regulations (MSAPR) introduces complex requirements pertaining to compliance analysis, records keeping, ongoing and annual reporting, emission testing, and engine upgrades.

The Enalysis® MSAPR Module paired with insight from your Engineering Account Manager (EAM) will help you determine the optimal compliance strategy and allow you to manage all relevant data associated to the Schedule 9 and 10 Reports.

Features of Enalysis MSAPR Module include:

Optimized Compliance Strategy

  • Cost comparison between phase-in and fleet average approaches
  • Unit-by-unit recommendations to comply with corresponding 2021 and 2026 limits

Management of Running Hours and Downtime

  • Manual data collection directly into Enalysis or through Fieldlink®for Enalysis
  • Automated data collection enabled by Enbase® Hub or Enbase® Asset Monitor
  • Collection of Operating Hours or Downtime from outside SCADA system through API Integration
  • Operating hours populate the Schedule 10 Fleet Average report

Schedule 9 and 10 Data Management 

  • Manage ongoing changes to engine registry data (Schedule 9) for both reporting and audit purposes
  • Designation as Modern, Pre-Existing, or Replacement Engine and corresponding group management
  • Efficiently input results from Emission Checks and Performance Tests by employees or vendors
  • Bulk XML Downloads and Uploads where applicable with Environment Canada’s registry

Schedule Emission Tests

  • Fleet report outlining next required Emission Check or Performance Test based on runtime
  • Accounts for complex testing requirements between Rich Burn Testing Preference, Lean Burn Special Default and Non-Default, and Modern Engines

Annual Reporting

  • Annual year-end and check-in report for Phase-in (Subset) approach
  • Annual year-end and check-in report for Fleet Average (Subgroup) approach