Benefits of Enbase®

Recurso 16@2x

Bring Automation to Stranded Assets

  • Edge device with cloud-based data collection
  • Operates on any smart device: phone, tablet or computer
  • Closes the communication gaps caused by piecemeal systems
  • Can be configured as needed for any organization

Recurso 15@2x-1

Monitor Operating Systems by Exception

  • Know immediately which systems need attention now, or will soon
  • No need to sort through properly running assets to find the problems
  • Bad actors can get heavier monitoring to prevent problems escalating

Recurso 17@2x

Bridges Gaps Between Engineers and Managers

  • Feedback from the field is seamless and real-time
  • Field personnel and contractors have critical data to guide optimization and flow assurance
  • Wellhead chemical dosing can be monitored and controlled

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