Use Case

One midstream company used Enalysis to optimize their entire fleet of compressors. Prior to Detechtion, they struggled with poor quality data and were challenged to determine the health of their assets and of their overall compression fleet.

But with the use of Enalysis, this customer…

  • Increased reliability from 94% to 98%, with a 4% reduction in unplanned downtime

  • 6% annual fuel gas savings, resulting in $1.8M savings per year

  • Reported annual savings of greater than $1M due to predictive maintenance opportunities and improved preventative maintenance scheduling

Understanding Midstream Companies

Gas compression is a critical component of midstream infrastructure that transports produced gas through gathering systems, processing plants, and into pipelines. In order for gas to be transported over long distances it must be continually recompressed. Compressor stations are built in intervals along the pipeline route to keep the gas moving toward its ultimate destination. But often these compressors, whether operator-owned or leased from a contract compression company, are not optimized to run at their full potential maximizing the balance between throughput and operating expense.



As a midstream company, you are likely dealing with challenges including…


Not having visibility to (nor regularly reviewing) your compressors optimization opportunities

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High operating costs from improper compressor set up and/or maintenance


High number of unplanned callouts


Unnecessary or repeat trips to site rather than sending the right person with the right parts and tools to do the job the first time


Struggle to monitor and optimize field activity performed by your employees as well as 3rd party service providers


Lack of clarity into root cause for unplanned callouts and poor visibility into other details such as time/parts consumed, photos, signatures, etc. for other work performed on site


Performing calendar based preventative maintenance (PM) instead of usage or run hours-based PMs

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Struggling to achieve operating and maintenance excellence across a mix of owned, leased, and acquired units