Use Case

A chemical service provider used both Enbase and Fieldlink to monitor and manage their onshore U.S. chemical operations across several basins, all integrated into the SAP back office systems for inventories, pricing, and billing. Prior to Detechtion, they lacked visibility to their chemical program operations, struggled to know their actual inventories, and experienced delays and errors in billing.

But with the use of Enbase and Fieldlink, this customer…

  • Reported up to 15% increase in overall field performance

  • Reduced costs by eliminating unnecessary trips to site – with a 25% decrease in overall trips to site on average.

  • Identified a major account where they were underdosing continuous chemical injection by > 20%, putting the customer’s flow assurance and oilfield equipment at risk.

Understanding Chemical Service

Bunch of Red Barrels for Oil on Gray Background. 3D Render.

Since oil was first drilled in the U.S. back in 1859 the job of keeping wells flowing, oilfield equipment operating, and the piping free and clear from blockages has been constantly evolving. Over time, sophisticated chemical solutions have been developed to meet these challenges and producers are primarily outsourcing these production chemical programs to chemical supplier and service companies like yours. For onshore wells, the chemicals are either delivered as batch treatments via trucks, or by continuous dosing using on-site chemical tanks with injection pumps.


As an oilfield production chemical service provider, you are likely dealing with challenges including…


Lacking full transparency to your batch and continuous treatment programs


Struggling to provide auditable confirmation that you’re hitting your batch or truck treatments with your customers


Unnecessary trips to site to confirm inventories on your continuous treatment tanks


Unsure if you’re potentially underdosing chemical (below the prescribed target dosage rate) which puts your customers’ flow assurance and asset integrity at risk


Tanks running empty or pumps failing for days or weeks, also preventing the delivery of the critically needed chemical application


Lacking visibility into the lab analysis workflow from the sample being collected to delivering the lab results electronically to your customer


Detechtion delivers a holistic solution that integrates oilfield chemical management with the latest digital technologies. Detechtion is the only technology solution provider to deliver a complete solution covering both batch and continuous treatments specifically targeted for the oilfield production chemical business.

Chemical service providers use Enbase Tank Level Sensors to remotely monitor their continuous treatment tanks. Enbase provides a turnkey tank level monitor that installs in minutes, works anywhere, mounts on existing tank plumbing of any tank, and eliminates impact on tank readings caused by pump stroking with patent pending algorithm. Enbase detects and alarms on low tank levels, dosage rates, tank fills, leaks, air locks, and more.

Chemical service providers use Fieldlink to digitize and automate the different processes and workflows performed by your field workers including truck treatments (for batch applications), inventories and fills (for continuous applications), and lab samples and analysis. Fieldlink is a mobile platform providing service companies like yours a single app built for the oilfield that runs on any phone, tablet or laptop and works offline so workers can get their work done even on remote locations.

How Enbase TLS and Fieldlink Mobile Chemical Management Can Help

With Enbase TLS and Fieldlink Mobile Chemical Management, Detechtion can help companies like yours,

  • Provide your customers proof of service on batch treatments performed, including date and timestamp as well as GPS coordinates.

  • Provide your customers with auditable chemical injection consumption both for invoicing integrity as well as the customers flow assurance and asset integrity.

  • Save trips to site for tank inventories that are now captured electronically.

  • Identify problems in the field including empty tanks, leaks, air locks, and pump failures quickly so that they can be resolved, and proper chemical dosing can resume.

  • Share desired data with your customers to enhance their experience either by giving them access to the cloud based Detechtion chemical program management software or by providing daily Morning Report emails.

  • Integrate with existing systems, either within your company (e.g., financial & accounting systems, CRM systems) or your customers (e.g., data historian) through our API