Contract Compression

Detechtion’s digital solution for contract compression providers.

Use Case

One contract compressionprovider used both Enbase and Fieldlink to monitor their entire fleet of compressors across several basins and digitize all field work. Prior to Detechtion, they needed greater visibility into their fleet performance to deliver on their runtimeguarantee. And they were mired down with paperwork and lacked transparency into their maintenance program.

With the use of Enbase and Fieldlink, this customer,

  • Achieved an auditable fleet-wide availability of greater than 99%
  • Was able to support 2x the number of compressors per field technician than they were previously

What is Contract Compression?

Gas compression is a critical component of the oil and gas value chain and infrastructure. From providing enhanced oil recovery through gas lift or transporting produced gas from the wellhead (upstream) to gathering systems, processing plants, and into pipelines (midstream). However as much as 30% of gas compression in North America and as many as 50% of new packages deployed today are owned and operated by outsourced compression providers.




As a contract compression provider, you are likely dealing with challenges including.


Lacking full transparency to your units' true runtime and availability


Performing calendar based preventative maintenance (PM) instead of usage or run hours-based PMs


Struggling to provide auditable confirmation that you're hitting your service level agreements with your customers


Not knowing when your unit is down or if it is, why and who to send based on contractual “first call” responsibility


Unnecessary or repeat trips to site rather than sending the right person with the right parts and tools to do the job the first time.


Lack of clarity into root cause for unplanned callouts and poor visibility into other details such as time/parts consumed, photos, signatures, etc. for other work performed on site

How Enbase & Fieldlink Help

Contract compression providers use Enbase to remotely monitor their entire fleet of natural gas compressors. Enbase provides a completely turnkey, integrated solution for remotely monitoring both reciprocating and rotary screw compressors. The monitoring includes edge device, edge software, cellular and satellite network communications, and cloud software.



Enbase also works with any existing compressor annunciator/controller as well as any engine control systems you might have.

Contract compression providers use Fieldlink to digitize and automate field workflows performed by mechanics or field service technicians ranging from job safety/hazard assessments, callouts, preventative maintenance, overhauls, or any other field activities. Fieldlink is a mobile platform providing service companies like yours a single app built for the oilfield that runs on any phone, tablet or laptop and works offline so workers can get their work done even on remote locations.