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Saving Time and Money in Water Hauling

October 29, 2020
For most companies, managing data from the field is not a seamless experience. Data often comes in late or contains errors. The traditional process of collecting the data can make it difficult to use for decision-making on your timetable, invoicing, or invoice approval without having to track down personnel in the field to hunt down or verify the information.  
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Mobile EAM for Production Operations

October 20, 2020
Real Problem Solving in Real Time How Digital Work Order Management Streamlines Operations Work orders have always been an integral component of necessary preventative management and maintenance programs deployed by all sectors of the oil and gas industry. Traditionally, a field technician, staff member, tenant or vendor would fill out and submit a request for authorization of essential repair, maintenance or operation work. Typically this paper-based system covers the reasoning why the maintenance or repair is needed; what necessary resources are required to complete the work; provide detailed instructions on how the work is to be completed; provide complete documentation of what work has been done along with the resources used and, finally, track all work done on each asset. After all these details are addressed, the work order would include the information of all personnel involved in the project from request to authorization and include when and where the work is completed.
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Predictive Maintenance with Detechtion

October 15, 2020
No More Dropped Issues How Digital Workflows Can Decrease Costs for Your Oilfield As the oil and gas industry looks to cut costs while simultaneously boosting productivity through efficiency, predictive maintenance remains an integral asset. The value provided by predictive maintenance for operators is what drives and inspires Detechtion Technologies, and it is why we have focused our efforts on the oil and gas industry’s needs in the production of our Fieldlink app.
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