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Electrical Savings – Even the small units!

October 31, 2019
Often the smaller assets in your fleet that aren’t moving huge amounts of gas don’t always get the attention they deserve. This can cause opportunities to be overlooked, or not even realized.
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True or False: Optimization Only Makes Sense if a Compressor is at or Near Max Load

July 31, 2019
Unfortunately, there is a common misconception that if your gas rate is declining and your compressor is underutilized, there is no need to optimize it. Let’s explore a few reasons why this is not true.
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Representative Win: Increased Throughput – Maximizing Power Usage

June 13, 2018
Representative Win Increased Throughput – Maximizing Power Usage Proposed Optimize the client’s compressor station to maximize production and increase overall utilization. Background A compressor station composed of two identical reciprocating compressors was commissioned in a high activity field aimed to accommodate high flow rates and variable conditions. Cylinder actions were setup as single-acting to accommodate the variable conditions resulting in high uptime, and swinging gas flow rates. The subsequent year, activity in the field slowed and the rates/pressures steadied. With the steadied pressures and slowly declining gas rates, the two compressors became ideal candidates for optimization as identified through Enalysis™’ Cash Flow at Risk and Incremental Production calculations. In an on-going effort to improve on and meet production targets, the gas producer opted to pursue the potential for increased production through compressor optimization.
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Compression Win - Total Fleet Performance – Increased Utilization

May 16, 2018
Total Fleet Performance – Increased Utilization Compressor performance is tracked within Detechtion Technologies’ Enalysis™ system every time a compressor’s operating data is entered to generate an Enalysis™ performance report. Clients, therefore, have the ability to track and report compressor fleet performance and various other parameters via Fleet Management Reports and Tools within Enalysis™ and by taking timely action to optimize their compressors on an ongoing basis this can have a significant impact to their overall bottom line by not missing opportunities.
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