Operations and Mechanical Foremen oversee production operations on an area or field, and are responsible for delivering the maximum possible machine availability, reliability, and throughput from the compression fleet, as well as providing cost effective Lease Operating Expense (LOE) management.

In addition, they assure their team has the tools to optimize the local fleet while complying with local regulations in a safe and environmentally sound way.

Foremen use Enalysis® as part of their regular work routine to optimize fleet run conditions, plan and assure that maintenance is completed on schedule, and leverage the predictive analytics within Enalysis® to receive early notification of proprietary KPIs like Blowby, rod load, valve damage, and risk of catastrophic failure.

Foremen rely heavily on Detechtion compression experts on a daily to weekly basis to communicate on health and maintenance of the equipment, opportunities to improve horsepower utilization and throughput, and to help maintain training excellence around effective operation and maintenance of the machines.

  • Fleet level reporting allows foremen to prioritize issues for morning operations and maintenance meetings.
  • Receive email alerts when equipment is at risk of failure or in need of immediate maintenance.
  • Generating a customizable e-mail to inform the foreman once maintenance is completed on a compressor requiring attention.
  • Performance curves generated by Detechtion EAM’s ensure that appropriate operating conditions are met.
  • Enalysis® 101 provides complementary comprehensive training to operations and mechanical staff to assure they are proficient at operating and maintaining equipment, and have full knowledge of how Enalysis® can support these tasks.

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