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Make Smarter Decisions

With increasing demands to reduce costs and maximize production across scattered assets, digital transformation offers a solution with real-time data collection.

However, too much data without focus can quickly become a burden instead of an asset.

With a Fieldlink app designed just for you, you’ll turn data into operational value through safer and more efficient oilfield operations.

  • Full visibility into work orders dispatched to the field in real time
  • Paperless and immediate process management, reporting and invoicing
  • Consistent processes implemented for technicians and third-party vendors

As part of a Super Major's efforts to become more mobile in the field,

Fieldlink reduced headcount in the field by 30% due to efficiencies gained.

Fieldlink Closes Communication Gaps for Oilfield Operators and Vendors

Runs on Any Device, Online & Offline

Operates on any smart device: phone, tablet or computer. All site visit and haul-off activities can be time- and geo- stamped.

Exceptional, Field Approved User Interface

Feedback from the field is seamless and real-time. No need to sort through properly running assets to find the problems.

Seamless Integration with ERP and Third-Party Systems

Closes the communication gaps caused by piecemeal systems. All functional areas, from construction to production and haul-offs can be monitored.

Lease Operators

Automating lease operator/pumper activities has a major impact on lowering LOE, as well as maximizing production and flow assurance.

Maintenance & Repair

The rich interface guides field workers through equipment deployment, maintenance and overhaul jobs in an intuitive, step-by-step process, driving overall quality and job performance.


Ensure complete accountability for scheduling, dispatch, load and unload events for produced water going to the SWD or crude oil hauling. Manage the process from start to finish.

Smarter Decisions Start with Intelligent Data

Detechtion Technologies is the market leading asset optimization provider in Upstream Oil & Gas saving our customers millions of dollars per year in expenses by operating more safely and environmentally.