Optimize Your Chemical Oil & Gas Tank Monitoring System

Increase Profitability. Reduce Lease Operating Expenses.

Many well sites use chemical injection strategies to enhance extraction or improve equipment performance, but few monitor these systems to optimize performance or contain costs. Often treated with a set-and-forget approach, installations can lose effectiveness or waste costly additives.

Since chemicals are often one of the top three operating costs for a production site, addressing the situation can improve profitability.

  • Detechtion offers a holistic approach to maturing the digital transformation of your chemical management process
  • Enbase Industrial IoT offers different solutions to help you monitor and control your continuous chemical injections.

  Enbase Tank Level Sensor (TLS) is a simple and effective system to monitor chemical tanks and provide actual dosage rates.

   Enbase Chemical Automation System (CAS) offers enhanced capabilities such as remote adjustment of the dosage rate as production conditions change.

  • Fieldlink, Detechtion’s Mobile Oilfield Management platform, provides user-friendly, digital forms for the chemical field workers to quickly and accurately document the work they performed, whether it’s a tank fill for a continuous chemical injection or capturing a truck treatment for a well that is part of a batch program.

Enbase and Fieldlink by Detechtion make it easy to see all the relevant information in real-time, at a glance, from any location.



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