Discover Solutions to Your Water Hauling & Disposal Headaches

Digitally Transform Your Water Hauling & Disposal Systems

Detechtion's Fieldlink delivers Digital Transformation of previously manual, fragmented oilfield business processes, including Water Hauling & Disposal.

  • This transformation provides full transparency and auditability of work performed by both employees and 3rd party oilfield services.
  • Fieldlink is a mobile oilfield management solution providing oil and gas producers like you, a highly configurable data-driven solution app for the oilfield that runs on any






and works offline, enabling remote location access.

  • You can easily integrate with and extend your existing systems of record into the oilfield.

OR start transforming activities into digitized systems

Enbase and Fieldlink by Detechtion make it easy to see all the relevant information in real-time, at a glance, from any location.

If you’re interested in digitally transforming your chemical monitoring and management systems, we have some exciting offers below! But hurry, these deals are only available until 7/31/2021.

Installation is free if within the lower 48 United States.

(All prices are reflected in USD)


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Fieldlink Transformed

By integrating Fieldlink into their systems, companies can gain
accountability and transparency into their Water Hauling programs.
Here are just a few examples from our use cases.

Single Application

Using Fieldlink, the operator efficiently dispatches all hauling requests from a single application.

Workflow Automation

Fieldlink digitizes and automates the entire invoicing workflow.


Fieldlink eliminates mistakes and validates activities.