Maintenance Experts

The maintenance expert is responsible for compression consolidation, fleet maintenance, and driving best practices across all operating areas. Generally located in the corporate office and responsible to share and leverage best practices across all operating areas, the maintenance expert is generally responsible for practices that deliver maximum equipment uptime, reliability and availability, while particularly implementing practices that minimize unscheduled downtime.

The maintenance expert is also very involved with defining the maintenance program on the machines that will assure the equipment stays in tight compliance with Quad Z, J, and O regulations. Generally the maintenance expert will work with Detechtion compression experts on a project-by-project basis, usually by e-mail.

The maintenance expert uses Enalysis™ trend reports to identify areas for improving efficiency. Additionally, Enalysis™ helps in the monitoring of maintenance and the process of expanding or consolidating compression. Enalysis™ helps the Maintenance expert in the following ways:

  • Performance loading curves allow the manager to check how effectively compressors are utilizing horsepower.
  • Enalysis™ alerts inform concerned parties about units that are at risk of failure and require immediate maintenance.
  • Fuel gas reports allow managers to keep track of the costs of operation.
  • Emission reports help ensure operations are abiding by environmental and safety standards.

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